Annual report 2022

Blog  |   14 April 2023

The financial year 2021-2022 has seen our work focus on the 2022 Kolombangara conservation scholarships.

Support for Kolombangara Island conservation

The conservation scholarship program for Kolombangara Island in the Solomon Islands has now been in place for fourteen years. The island’s landholders have agreed not to log areas of the island above 400 metre altitude, a total protected area of 20,000 hectares. In return, payments are provided by 4nature and other organisations to parents of islanders to offset their children’s school and university fees. Payments are made direct to the schools that the children attend.

During 2022, a total of $15,682 for a record 107 conservation scholarships were raised. These funds are provided to children of Kolombangara Island parents.

This year funds were distributed directly to the schools, rather than via KIBCA. This simplified accounting and reduced the need for an audit of KIBCA’s administration of funds. Ultimately scholarships were paid to 120 students. Payments to 5 students was not distributed before the end of 2022 due to difficulties in obtaining school bank account details. These funds will be held over to the next year.

We are grateful to the Wildlife Conservation Society and KFPL who audited the distribution of last year’s scholarship program funds in the Solomon Islands.

In August 2022, ABC’s Four Corners ran a story on the growing influence of China on Solomon Islands. This included the Chinese government’s interest in purchasing KFPL, the FSC certified logging company on Kolombangara Island, giving access to a deep port and airstrip on the island.

Due to covid-related restrictions in travel between Australia and the Solomon Islands, a planning meeting facilitated by 4nature to identify the future conservation needs for Kolombangara Island was postponed until 2023.

Thank you everybody for generously supporting 4nature.

Andrew Cox
December 2022