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Kolombangra Island scholarships - supporting an alternative economic futures

Sunrise over Kolombangara Island, by Patrick Pikacha

Sunrise over Kolombangara Island from Gizo

Photo: Patrick Pikacha
Kolombangara White Eyes, only found above about 700m on Kolombangara Island.

Kolombangara white eyes

Endemic to Kolombangara Island

4nature – assisting nature to survive and thrive

4nature is a volunteer-based conservation group established in 2010 that seeks to protect the natural environment of Australia and the South Pacific.

Our latest work

Since 4nature was formed in 2010, we have supported the efforts of landholders on Kolombangara Island in the western province of the Solomon Islands.

Each year 4nature raises funds for conservation scholarships that support Kolombangara Island parents to pay for their school fees, rather than relying on logging income. Since 2011, 4nature has raised over $70,000 to support the scholarship program.

4nature also supports the protection of the 20,000 hectare conservation area on Kolombangara Island.

At the end of 2015, 4nature took the owners of Springvale coal mine and the NSW government to court to stop them polluting Sydney’s drinking water.

After originally losing the case in the Land and Environment Court, in August 2017 we won on appeal in the NSW Supreme Court.

Before the court determined final orders, the NSW Parliament passed special legislation overturning our win.

Despite the setback, the Springvale mine was still required to build a pipeline and reverse osmosis treatment plant to ensure mine water is clean of its pollutants rather than discharging them into the Coxs River, one of the main sources of Sydney’s drinking water. The treatment plant began operation in June 2019.

Backdown on resort and theme park leases

Backdown on resort and theme park leases

In a significant development, the NPWS backed down on its plans for 20-year tourist leases to develop the Gardens of Stone State Conservation Area.
4nature wins the Marie Byles Award

4nature wins the Marie Byles Award

We are grateful that our work protecting Sydney's drinking water catchment from polluting coal mine discharge was recognised by a major award from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW.
Court rules coal mine approval invalid

Court rules coal mine approval invalid

Conservationists today welcomed the 4nature conservation group's successful legal bid that overturns the approved extension to the Springvale underground coal mine near Lithgow.