Help us to support the Kolombangara Island conservation scholarships in the Solomon Islands.

Since 2011, the conservation scholarships have been helping the people of Kolombangara Island in the Solomon Islands to preserve their forests and provide quality education for their children.

But the hard-won benefits of this scholarship program can only continue with annual funding. Logging companies are still pushing the Kolombangara community for access to their upland forests. And the costs of education are still a major challenge for many Kolombangara Islanders.  Please help keep this successful program going!

 We are seeking to raise $14,000 by mid April 2023 to help fund our contribution to this innovative and essential conservation program.

Fenualoa Tuo school children

Photograph: Pohopetch – Wikimedia Commons

About the Conservation Scholarships

The idea is simple. By providing landholders with a scholarship to pay for part of their children’s school fees, we’re providing funds that would otherwise be sourced from logging their forests.

Each scholarship provides an average of AU$110 for a Kolombangara student’s education (about $600 Solomon Islands Dollars) depending on the age of the student. Scholarships are paid directly to the student’s school to cover educational costs such as books, writing materials, furniture.

Scholarships are offered to high school, vocational and university students, ages 12-20 years, who have at least one parent from Kolombangara Island. Our target aims to fund AU$110 scholarships for 100 students.

This year we also want to fund 8 full-fee scholarships for local students studying protected area management. One full-fee scholarship costs AU$600

How many standard scholarships can you fund?

1=$110 2=$220 3=$330 5=$550 10=$1100.

Consider also supporting a full-fee scholarship by adding $600.

Our partners

We are proud to be partnering with KIBCA (the local Kolombangara Island Biodiversity Conservation Association), KFPL (the island’s forestry plantation company) and Wildlife Conservation Society. KFPL and WCS support the work of KIBCA.

Scholarship Payments

Credit Card or Apple Pay
For other payment methods

For other payment methods, email us at [email protected].

One-off payment by bank transfer

For one-off bank transfer donations, deposit your donation direct into the following 4nature gift-fund bank account and send an email to [email protected] to allow us to send you a receipt (and to thank you!).

Bank: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
BSB: 633000
Account No: 146827357
Account Name: 4nature Inc.
Ref: ‘Kolo’ and [Your surname]